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Sigzy ( Bday Geeft ) by LippenstiftenMouthze
Sigzy ( Bday Geeft )
Happy Late Bday :iconevilfrenzy:
I'm very motherfooking busy these days....

Sigzy has lots of bolt on face helmet and top too using nails.

What is Monochromia entity? :

They are a Entity of a dark energy matters that took form as a static energy ghost.
They can be anything on objects only LIVING ORGANIC than Non-organic i.e : Ponies ,Cat , Dog , Goat-mom , any animals or rare creatures that they can take form of.
They are an Isolated type of the entities that lives in a Mono-Mountain.
They divided to different TYPES :
Α , Β , Γ , Ω , Δ , Σ , Λ
They Speak such uncleared static like TV Static sound but it varies depends on a Types of Monochromian
They most likely to have their weird teeth shapes depending on a Types of Monochromian.
They do not have skin colors , only full white as most entire Monochromia does.
Their Default Monochromian Colors is Black,White and Red.
Their Eyes are Most likely to be RED because of their natural eye color. So yeah ALL of their eyes are RED.
They are not a threat to other Non-Monochromatic
Unless they feel provoked by them.
They are immune to " Cold " nature.
If they were killed , they will sent their souls back to the mountains and respawn them in 20 minutes.

Description :

Σ or Ancient Monochrome are the ancient monster that used to be in an most darkest place on Mono-Mountain.
These guys are most likely to be aggressive towards Non-Monochromatic Organic
They had Third eye unlikes most of the other types.
They are more likely to stay watch on movements.

They are either Unicorn or Pegasus.
They have Decayed bones as they lived by thousand years .

Σ Is the only Far oldest Monochrome Monsters before other types of Monochromian is.
Hello guys just to let you know i won't be available forawhile due to Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning.
So yeah , kind of hiatus abit so all drawings will be on HOLD atm. Sorry.
T-80 Comparision by LippenstiftenMouthze
T-80 Comparision
I remembered how i did draw :iconeliteracer: 's Tank back in 2014.  But now when i draw :icona3dr: 's T-80 , It recall me .

Meme's by :iconbampire:
Kirov Plant : T-80 by LippenstiftenMouthze
Kirov Plant : T-80
For : :icona3dr:

I feel like i wanted to draw a T-80. Because , Stronk Tank.


LippenstiftenMouthze's Profile Picture
Lipstick Mouth or LM
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
Hight by EvilFrenzy
Cologne by EvilFrenzy
Speyelinner by EvilFrenzy

~My OC

Tetris Stamp by cirruswolf
E40 by LippenstiftenMouthze

Image by idk who but please tell me who's artist so i can credit.

Request :

:iconhydro-dash: high fiving < on Hold atm

Progressing :
:iconstreetsweep237: - 99% - Almost FUCKING DONE :,3 Just need to finish busyness .

Art Trade :
:iconpop-roxy: - DONE!
:iconobeliskgirljohanny: - Will done this soon :,3 So yeah because idk what do you want me to draw so you said
                                  you want me to choose. well okay!


Lets see if there's any Anti Gravity Hover Board and Self Lacing Shoes


:iconeliteracer: < Foow
:iconchrifim: < Little Sissy
:iconscaevitas: < Bwushie
:iconxxreonxx315: < Weed .
:iconevilfrenzy: < LM's Hater .
:iconbrogararts: < The Dr Who Fan.
:icondeadlionofinsanity: < Fern Waifu.
:icontherockinstallion: < That Driver and Foow's Butt Buddy.
:iconpocki07: < This Hornagonn hits Fern.

Other cool pals :

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oh goodness, I'm so sorry this was late, but I've finally managed to finish it. ^^;
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